February 2021 Internship positions

Bridging Asia/China and the Netherlands Do you want to be a connector between Asia/China and the Netherlands? Are you adventurous, ...
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Happy year of the ox!

The Orange Swallow team wishes everyone a great year of the Ox!May this year be filled with good health and ...
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How to Start Your Business in the Netherlands? A Step-by-Step Guide for Business Settlement

Click here for more information about residence permits. You can find more information about the Chamber of Commerce on their ...
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Dutch Design Week 2020: Building a Sustainable Future  

A Picture of Dutch Design Week 2019   When it comes to design style, many people would think of the ...
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The Circular Economy: Implementing a New Economic System in the Netherlands and China

The planet is excessively overloaded not only with the large population but also with an increasing amount of trash and ...
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Why Enter Europe Through the Netherlands? Reason 1: Highly Educated and Multilingual Workforce

Often viewed as the "gateway to Europe" for Chinese nationals, the Netherlands ranks among the most dynamic and competitive economies ...
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International Chinese Business Events: the Old and the New

As the whole world is shaken by the impact of the pandemic, the virus has forced everyone to move towards ...
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New EU Drone-regulations

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), more commonly known as drones, have been around for a number of decades now. Originally only ...
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