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Business Strategy

We are experienced to assist you in developing strategies and making decisions at boardroom and higher management levels. Whether it be big or small, it takes a well thought out strategy to make your business venture a success. There is a variety of unique factors that needs to be considered in developing a strategy that will work for you. Orange Swallow will help you in planning your business venture and supports you in executing your strategy locally.

We aim to find the right solution for your business venture, by working closely together with you to be able to understand your aims, operational possibilities and preliminary steps taken. Of course your current business culture and options for localizing business abroad will be considered. In our work we support our clients in being agile, flexible using insights from lean startup methods and business model canvas.

Exploring Market Development

We helped the Dutch provincial government of Drenthe with their strategy towards Chinese tourism and promotion of the province as a Dutch travel hotspot. Since Orange Swallow also has experience in the travel sector, we introduced the client to travel trends of Chinese tourists, general tourist profiles and background of tourism in China. With our knowledge of Dutch culture and the tourism industry on the other side, we also gave advice about what attractive aspects of Drenthe the government could utilize in their promotional strategy and what were the things they should specifically pay attention to regarding this target group.

Step-by-step Guidance

For many companies, the European market is interesting as it brings a lot of opportunities to expand their business. The same applied to a manufacturer of sugar substitute products, based in Shandong. They were interested to explore the European market, but were uncertain about the right steps to take. We visited their office and discussed their needs and worries. Based on their preferences, we guided them through the different aspects of creating an entrance strategy, such as product types, European/Dutch branding styles, target groups and possible future development directions of their products. Paying close attention to their opinions, we used our knowledge of the Dutch and European market to advise them on the steps that showed most potential.


Market Research

Do you have sufficient insights in the European and Dutch market, to make profound decisions on your next steps?
Every European country has it’s own historical and cultural background. Adapting your strategy to the local situation and local networks makes sense to achieve success in a new market.   

We support you with our market research, business case development and market (entry) strategy.

Exploring Different Routes

A spice manufacturer from Yunnan was interested in selling directly to European clients, instead of selling through a middleman. They approached us because they wanted to know what possibilities there were for clients and logistics on the European market, and were interested in entering the market through the Netherlands. We gave them advice about the different routes they could take to start exporting by themselves and designed a step-by-step business plan for them, including the different topics they should consider to fit the European market well. We also informed them about the potential of the Dutch market and advised them on  its trends and developments.

Specific Market Knowledge

We visited the Nanjing office of a company we met at the CIIE export fair in Shanghai. They had a drone company and were interested in developing the Dutch and European market.

We talked them through the different possibilities to enter the Dutch market, what their ideas were and what they should be aware of. We conducted research on the European drone regulations and designed a strategic plan to enter the market. The plan consisted of European conference visits, company information collection, matchmaking and report services. 

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Sourcing and Connecting

An important factor for success in business is trust. Having close business relationships with other companies can be a huge benefit to any company. Establishing these close business relationships can however be quite difficult, especially when you are looking for partners in another country with a different (business) culture. Orange Swallow will use its extensive network to help you get in touch with serious potential business partners, investment projects, suppliers and/or retailers.
We will actively seek out and contact these companies, confirming whether or not they are seriously considering doing business. If they are, we will get you in touch with them and set up a business meeting to discuss the details.


Connecting Demand and Supply

During Covid-19 we did not only use our already established business network in Asia, but also expanded our global network greatly. We worked together with partners from different parts of the world to fulfill the demands of our clients for Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Devices. Our clients included different companies and organizations as well as governmental bodies. For example, we successfully helped the Dutch government in the procurement of surgical gowns, to help resolve the problem of insufficient medical supplies for the healthcare sector.
Other demands included nitrile gloves, coveralls and all kinds of civil and surgical masks. We went through a multitude of different phases and developments of the PPE and MD trade, and learned how and what one should be cautious of  when cooperating with suppliers. We still are active in sourcing for these products and have specifically established strong connections with 3M distributors.

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Business Representation

Do you feel that a presence in the Dutch market will increase your growing potential? And managing your affairs from a distance is a hassle. Then you should consider taking a next step. Of course, every beginning is difficult, especially if you are opening a new branch in a brand new market. Getting a business representative might be your first step. We can support your business by representing you when dealing with various contacts, promoting your business and arranging your business to run in the Netherlands.

Depending on your business venture, you may also choose to legally establish your own business abroad. Orange Swallow will support you in managing the initial steps, for instance by helping you set up your legal entity, finding a location, staff recruitment and settlement or act as your (representative) office. If needed Orange Swallow will support you further in other managing duties of your new branch.


Project Management

Do you want to execute a project related to China and the Netherlands?
Or just a project for your company or organisation located in the Netherlands?
We are experienced in a wide range of projects. On request we can discuss any project need you might have. 

Would you like to outsource coordination, project management and execution?
With our network and project management experience we support you in an efficient and cost effective way.

Like mentioned prior, every project is unique and demands a different approach. Have a particular project in mind that is not covered by our other services? Orange Swallow would gladly discuss how we can help you in your endeavors! Our team has substantial experience with Sustainability, Circular Economies, and other industries. Furthermore, our extensive network covering multiple countries and years of consultancy experience are at your disposal.

Support in Business Zone Development

A representative of a business zone in Beijing required support in further developing the area and making it into a more internationalized area. They requested our services in informing and attracting Dutch companies to learn more about the business zone. This would have the possible result of them considering the settlement of their companies in the Beijing or engaging in investments.

International Cooperations

Elderly care has increasingly been placed on the top of the agenda, when it comes to social matters in China. Many organisations and companies are interested to learn more about how to adapt and set up suitable facilities for the older generation. The experience and innovations of the Dutch in this field are highly valued internationally.

We have been involved in different projects concerning the establishment of elderly care zones or centers in China. For these projects clients were looking to cooperate with Dutch and other European companies and organizations. These companies and organizations would either help with the design or would become an integral part of the projects by setting up an office there, supporting the project by offering consulting services or arranging exchange programs to stimulate knowledge exchange. We helped the client by selecting cooperation partners and becoming the middleman in their communication with the prospective partners.


Fact-finding Missions

In order to effectively compete with your competitors, you will need to keep your business up-to-date with the newest developments in your particular sector, both in your home country and abroad. New developments made in other countries can be of great value to your business. Orange Swallow will help you explore these developments in person. Learn how foreign companies in the same sector as you operate and adopt this new information into your own formula.

During pre-Covid times, Orange Swallow rolled out the orange carpet and arranged tailor-made fact-finding trips for clients, including accommodations and transportation. Through these fact-finding trips, we helped them obtain the information beneficial for their business. Of course, travel is not always possible in these current circumstances. However, for the time being we will still gladly support you by getting in touch with all kinds of interesting parties, setting up business meetings, representing your company, and executing any other demands you have.

Maintaining Relationships

A delegation from Dalian’s High Tech zone came to visit the Netherlands, to maintain already established relationships and to become up to date with the latest developments. We arranged the details of their visit like accommodation, transportation and meals. Apart from that we arranged visits to relevant companies and organizations in Amsterdam’s Technology park and in the city of Enschede, with whom they have a sister city relationship.

Meeting Potential Partners

We arranged a fact-finding trip with the whole package of accommodation, sight-seeing, transportation, company visits and matchmaking. The goal of the delegation was to get a better understanding of the horticulture in the Netherlands and to get to know possible technology partners in the greenhouse sector. Their program consisted of a visit to the world horti center and the companies Codema and Delphy. They also participated in matchmaking activities.