About Us

Orange Swallow is a Dutch business consultancy company with a focus on the Dutch and Chinese economies. We offer high-quality business consultancy for inbound and outbound projects of Dutch and Chinese business and organizational clients.

We specialize in helping Dutch and Chinese companies to establish business relationships with and in the other market, either by helping them finding the right business partners, suppliers and/or retailers, or by helping them settle into the other market. Seeing that the Netherlands serve as the gateway into Western Europe and the Chinese economy is still developing, both countries provide ample business opportunities in a myriad of sectors. Using our network and knowledge of the language and local (business) culture, Orange Swallow will help you turn these opportunities into success.

Although we are specialized in the Dutch-Chinese relation, Orange Swallow does take on other types of projects. Our network does extent to other countries (primarily Western Europe), so we are also able to support business ventures in other countries. If you have any questions about what we could do for you please contact us!

Our Advantage

Here, at Orange Swallow, we understand that starting any new business venture is a risky undertaking. We also understand that every company is unique, each with their own ambitions, needs and obstacles. Accordingly, we tackle every project using its own tailor-made approach.

We recognize your need for profound insights before taking the next step. Our company has the experience and the networks to connect you with local partners. We collaborate with a wide network of specialists and managers at all levels to make sure that your business venture will be successful. 

Aside from these specialist services we also use official government investment support services, which are sometimes free of charge, to make your project as cost effective as possible. Also, to be able to achieve the most valuable results, we can support you in any preliminary project or analysis of your field of interest

We specialize in the Dutch-Chinese relationship. We conduct business in Dutch, Mandarin, English and Cantonese, and have a thorough understanding of both the Dutch and Chinese (business) culture. This gives us, and by extension you, a great insight into the inner workings of the Dutch and Chinese economies.

Our Team

Managing Business Consultant: Hedda Sasburg

Hedda has over 25 years’ worth of experience working in the area of Business Consultancy, and has a Master’s degree in Business Economics from Rotterdam’s Erasmus University. She enjoys connecting people, ideas and organizations and has a myriad of business connections throughout the Netherlands and China. With her expertise, connections and experience Hedda will find the best solutions for your business requests.

Junior Project Manager: Kimberley Goebel

Kimberley has a background in Chinese and Asian Studies. She enjoys helping people to connect with others and is eager to tackle any project, as she views them as a new opportunity to learn more about China and the Netherlands. With her vigor, Kimberley will find the right business partner for you.